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We are not a call center.  When you call you will talk to the same Agent that you spoke to originally.  We strive to give you the personal service and want to make sure you understand the plans you are purchasing

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We only use National Carriers and brands you would know. Aliera Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health, Humana, Aetna, National General, Mutual of Omaha, Manhattan Life, Progressive, Berkshire Hathaway and many more and the Affordable Care Act

We are fully licensed by the federal government to help you with Subsidies from to lower the cost of ACA compliant plans thru and Covered California.  This is based on Income

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Rich Robertaccio Insurance Agency is made up of a family of well-versed insurance agents who are highly trained in providing you with exceptional coverage and services. Since 2012, we have been offering a wide range of convenient health insurance bundles.

We are a full-service agency with years of experience managing a wide range of risk and exposures. We believe that every person deserves to receive exceptional protection from one of the best insurance companies in the biz. Keep your loved ones safe with us. Let us help you with any issues that arise at any time during the year.  When you call, we will give you the personalized service you deserve.

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Thru our carriers we have plans as low as $69. With our National Carriers we can find a plan that fits you Health needs and your budget. Whether its an ACA plan , Fixed Benefit plan, Short Term Plan or Hybrid Christian Network plan. We have the right Carrier and plan for you.

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We offer many dental and vision plans that wil;l help to lower costs for you on all services. Plans are available with $0 deductible for Vision and Dental. We also offer plans that will cover Children for spell up to the age of 19. Plan costs as low as $18 a month.

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Normally called Gap Coverage, these plans will cover Individuals, Families and Group for accidents or injuries. Most times when you are going to the ER you are there because of an Accident or Injury at home , work or at your leisure. These plans will cover your deductible for your health insurance saving you thousands of dollars on your bills from the ER, Hospital and Doctors. Payments on Accident plans are paid back to the Individual.

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Cancer Heart/Stroke

These plans are for people who are concerned about Cancers, Heart complications and Stroke isues that are in their family history. These plans give clients peace of mind over and above the Health Polices they carry. A Plan like this will pay out to the individual a lump sum based on premium paid. We have several carriers to choose from here.

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We can offer Term, Whole and Universal Life policy. Some of our carriers offer guaranteed issue policy with no Blood draw of physical. Some restrictions do apply.

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Home and Auto

We are Licensed for Home and auto only in Wisconsin and Illinois. Our rates normally will beat any major carrier.

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We specialize in saving you 50/60% on your health insurance and home and auto coverage.

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