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School starts today in Barrington, IL.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2019

Traffic increase this morning was crazy.

Slow down and watch for the little ones.

Stop for the school buses when red flashers are on

Be Careful.

Too many people rush around in the morning and afternoon.

Now is the time to pay attention.   Make your day a great Day!

Find your Solution with RRIA Insurance for all

Has this happened to you?

Monday, August 12th, 2019

With open enrollment around the corner and deductibles and out of pockets rising. Plan prices will be up and your overall costs will be up as well.  Look at some viable alternatives to the affordable care act.

Our affordable health Insurance plans will give you low cost and 100% co insurance.

What will you do with the saving you will receive every month?

Your pets need a healthy diet

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Think of the combination below as Health Insurance for man’s best friend.

Since feeding Bodee and Rylee Raw limited ingredient food, their coats and overall health is much better.  Besides grain free kibble we give them raw beef bones and raw freeze dried food with limited ingredients.  It works and is still very affordable.  Go to your local butcher and ask him for raw beef bones, there cheap and great for your puppies health.

Find your Solution with RRIA Insurance for all.

We help Clients in 48 States

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

If have questions about your health insurance,

we can help you.

Go to our Site


Call 847-387-3021


Why One Share Health?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

One Share Health is one of the best Christian Network plans out there.

They offer great benefits, a National PPO Network,

Low PCP visit fees,  Everything done in primary’s office is covered 100%,

Full Hospital and Surgical benefits, Free TelaMed, and excellent Customer Service

to mention just a few of the benefit offered.  These plans are ACA compliant and will save you 40/60% of the cost of an ACA plan .

Use this link to see all the plans and benefits   One share Health Link  .

Affordable ACA alternative to BCBS, Cigna or Ambetter.

RRIA Insurance for all  847-274-6815


Christian Network Medical Plans

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Christian network Medical plans are not all a like.

When choosing one of these plans make sure it is in a National PPO network.

It should offer low fee Primary care visits and Urgent Care Visits.

All services in your PCP and in an Urgent care should be covered by the Service Fee.

These plans save you at least 40/50% on premium cost compared to ACA plans.

Some of these plans DO accept Pre-existing Conditions.

If you need help or have questions on these affordable plans

We are here to help.


Why have a UBA rider

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

UBA riders help you eliminate your deductible and help pay for ER visits , Accidents and Injuries as well as Large payouts for Life threatening illness.

Costs are minimal and it will help to eliminate your deductible on your health plan.  Let us know if you have interest.

Call us or email us for a quote  Rich R. 847-274-6815


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